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    Prices and Fees

    How are my fees set?

    I am currently working without set fees. I asks clients and groups to pay an amount that feels good, right and fair to them and that they can afford, taking into account that  making my living doing this work allows me to do more of it and to be available to the communities needing the services I offer.  I trust groups to honor this approach and provide the support that makes it possible for me to continue doing this work.  

    Why do I do it this way?

    This work is my passion, my calling and the most joyful part of my life. When I sit down to get started with a community, I feel like my seven-year-old self boarding the train for Disneyland. To be present with a community as they grapple with challenges, find the courage to touch deep places, and grow into greater connection is the highest high I know.  I receive it as a gift beyond value.

    I find that for me, the relational energy of this work is incompatible with the energy of commerce, negotiation and scarcity that is typical in our capitalist society. Instead, I choose to wrap this work in the energy of trust, abundance and provision.

    This approach is unusual in the 21st century, but not unheardof. Some call it “a gift economy”,  "a sharing economy” or "a joyful value exchange”. Some commit their whole lives to this approach and report deeply rich living as a result.

    How does it work?

    Generally, I work with a client or group to plan an individualized program to meet their needs.  The client lets me know what they feel good about paying for it. Provided this covers at least my basic costs (travel, copies, materials, etc), I write up a simple contract, and we have a deal.