Karen Gimnig, Facilitator

Helping you foster the relationships that take you to your goals.

Imago Relationships International

Karen Gimnig is a team builder, motivational speaker and relationship coach. Her passion is to help you achieve your goals for collaboration and community culture.  She believes that our need for connection with the people around us guides us toward effective relationships.  

As an Imago Facilitator, Karen uses the theory and practice of Imago Relationships to guide teams and communities through the complexity of working together. She helps groups and individuals identify root causes of challenges and then walks beside them offering gentle support as they seek solutions.  

Karen enjoys working with non-profit organizations, communities (including communities of faith), and work places. In particular she supports groups using consensus, sociocracy or agile technologies for working together.  

Her clients describe her as "profoundly effective," increasing trust and providing simple (but not easy) tools for improved communication and relationships.  

“Being heard is so close to being loved that for the average person they are almost indistinguishable.”

- David Augsberger

gimnig@gmail.com   678-705-9007

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