Custom Workshops

I have programs already designed that may be a perfect fit but the best workshop for your group is probably the one I design specifically to meet your current goals and needs. I will draw on information I gather from your group, my training and my experience with similar groups to create a workshop that makes the most of the time and resources available. See below to get an idea of the kinds of workshops I have offered so far. If one of them looks like a good fit, I'm happy to bring it to your group or organization. If not, let's talk about what works for you.

Lead Meetings that Build Community by Design

Most of us attend meetings because we are interested in the work at hand and the people doing it, yet too often we leave meetings feeling frustrated, overwhelmed and disconnected. With some basic tools and intention it is possible to lead meetings that grow relationships and leave participants feeling valued, connected, and invested in the group and the work.


In this workshop you will practice tools for building relationships during meetings, learn the theory behind the practice, and take home strategies for making every meeting effective, efficient and enriching.

Click on the link for a workshop flier.

Imago Dialogue for Groups Including Children

Dialogue is a structure for creating safe conversations among two people. This tool is useful for conflict resolution, problem solving, enriching relationships and communication of all kinds. It’s a tool that is useful at all ages in all kinds of relationships.  This workshop is designed to hold the attention of young and old while teaching the basics of a powerful tool for relationship.